The UAE Remote Work Visa

12 Oct, 2022

The United Arab Emirates is changing the world forever with something called Remote Work Visa

Just like the year 2020 has changed consumer behaviors worldwide and the working environment as well as it played a tremendous effect on workplaces with the rise of the work-from-home routine that so many companies and authorities are following until now. The United Arab Emirates is as well changing the world forever with the introduction of a Visa program that allows everybody the possibility to live in the UAE while being employed by any company anywhere in the world.

The United Arab Emirates is most probably the only place worldwide today that is accommodating to everyone from around the world with different cultures and backgrounds while keeping a very safe and high standard of living. The United Arab Emirates has dealt with the 2020 pandemic in the best way possible and now the face mask policy is almost abolished, and the country has one of the highest ratios of vaccination in the world. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates is a tech-friendly place, that ensures a top-notch level of safety and security for its residents, while there are so many political changes in the world that are happening, taking a neutral position.

Being a resident of the United Arab Emirates allows anyone to work, rent a house or apartment for themselves and their families, get connected to the world through a local Emirati telephone number, and apply/put their children in schools and Universities – in a country that has almost every known or taught curriculum worldwide. Residents can also open a personal multi-currency bank account with currencies like USD, EUR, CHF, or GBP.

UAE Residents can even be considered Tax residents if they can show to the UAE Authorities that they spend more than 180 days inside the United Arab Emirates, and they can get a Tax Residency Certificate! Being considered a Tax resident in the UAE means Zero% Personal Income tax. This can change someone’s standard of living and future!

The United Arab Emirates as the leading business and leisure hub for the region is the most desirable place to live and work in the Middle East. With overwhelming demands for opportunities from people from all around the world to come and live in it, the United Arab Emirates has come up with a brilliant residency solution for employees of any company anywhere in the world. This solution is called a Remote Work Visa.

This solution allows anyone from anywhere in the world to apply for a residency permit in the United Arab Emirates because they have a job abroad and this job pays a monthly salary that is sufficient to pay for living means in the United Arab Emirates. So, for example, an employee of a Swiss company who can work more than 6 months per year remotely and can prove regular income can apply for residency in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the eligible employee who is granted this Visa also has the right to bring along his family.

Being considered a Tax resident in the UAE means that the employees pay Zero percent of their income to the Federal Tax Authority.

Upon approval, this residency program remains valid for one year and is renewable upon reapplying and submitting proof that the employment status is still active.

To apply for the program, the applicant should have a passport with a validity of six months at least as well as valid health insurance covering their residency in the United Arab Emirates.  The proof of employment can be with a valid employment contract and the salary should not be less than USD 5,000 per month or whatever is equivalent in other currencies. The application, relevant approvals, and the total process can be all handled online. The cost for such an application for a Visa is USD 287.

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