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Company formation & Corporate Business Structuring

Our Corporate law firm specializes in providing comprehensive company formation services in the UAE, catering to various business structures such as Mainland, Free Zone Companies, Foundations, SPVs, Offshore entities. Our experienced team ensures seamless incorporation while adhering to corporate laws, making us a trusted partner for those seeking reliable Corporate & Commercial services in Dubai and across UAE. 

Our expert team of compliance and business consultants have a deep understanding of and experience in handling cases related to

  • Consultancy Services: Consultancy Services in the Dubai and across UAE, specialize in offering expert advice to entrepreneurs and startups seeking to establish their businesses. These services encompass guiding clients on the most suitable legal structures, ensuring compliance, and optimizing their operational framework for successful establishment and growth in the dynamic business environment of the UAE.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:  Mergers and Acquisitions involve the strategic combination or takeover of companies, requiring careful management and execution of transactions with precision and expertise. Successfully navigating through these complex processes is crucial for ensuring the seamless integration of businesses and maximizing value for all stakeholders involved.
  • Drafting Corporate Documents: Drafting Corporate Documents involves the meticulous creation of crucial papers such as Shareholder Resolutions, Board Resolutions, Shareholder Agreements, Share Transfers, Share Buybacks, and bespoke Articles of Association. This process requires attention to detail and legal expertise to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  • Drafting Commercial Documents: Drafting Commercial Documents involves the meticulous creation of legally binding agreements such as Commercial Contracts, Trust Agreements, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Power of Attorneys, Memorandum of understanding, Legal Notices, and Legal Opinions. This process ensures that all parties involved are protected by clear and enforceable terms, promoting transparency and legal compliance in business transactions.
  • Company Winding Up and Liquidation: Company Winding Up and Liquidation services offered by our firm ensure a smooth and efficient process for businesses facing closure. With expertise in assisting with the the legal and financial intricacies, we strive to provide seamless solutions in the liquidation process.
  • Corporate Compliance: Corporate compliance is a critical aspect of maintaining ethical business practices. Through comprehensive reviews, organizations can identify and address potential non-compliance issues, ensuring adherence to local regulations. Detailed reports serve as a valuable tool in maintaining transparency and accountability within the corporate structure. We provide assistance with corporate compliance services.
  • Annual Renewal of Trade License: Ensure your business stays compliant with the annual renewal of trade licenses in UAE. We simplify the process and assist with paperwork and required documents and process of renewal as per the regulations and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Local Service Agents and Sponsors: We assist with LSA and sponsors, in order to ensure the seamless functioning of business operations, it is crucial to identify and collaborate with dependable Local Service Agents and Sponsors.
  • Registered Office Address and Business Services: The company offers a comprehensive range of services as a Registered Office address, catering to the needs of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Foundations and Offshore Companies. This includes providing P.O. Box services and Telephone services, creating a convenient and professional setup for businesses seeking a centralized location for their official correspondence and communication. Whether it's managing mail or facilitating phone communications, the Registered Office Address and Business Services contribute to the efficiency and credibility of SPV's and Offshore Companies.
  • Human Resources Management: Our Human Resources Management services are designed to cater to all your staffing requirements. We provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring that your organization's human capital is effectively managed and optimized. From recruitment and talent acquisition to employee development and retention strategies, our services are tailored to enhance the overall efficiency and success of your workforce.

Elnaggar & Partners, your trusted partner for all your corporate and legal needs in the UAE. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our in-depth understanding of the local legal landscape, sets us apart as a premier corporate law firm in the region. Contact us today for expert business advisory and legal solutions at

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