Compliance Services

Securing your business with tailored compliance solutions.

The implementation and ongoing monitoring of strategic compliance and governance controls is paramount to mitigating regulatory and AMLCFT risks, safeguarding against regulatory penalties, and upholding the integrity of your firm’s operations, ensuring sustained success and reputation in the region.

At our firm, our seasoned compliance officers have over a decade of experience in implementing robust compliance services and AMLCFT programs across diverse regulated industries. From legal and accounting firms to tax advisors, real estate brokers, and dealers in precious stones and metals (DPMS), as well as various other businesses, we ensure adherence to compliance regulatory standards with precision and diligence.

We offer tailored solutions on Compliance services to ensure our clients meet regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks effectively.  In order for your business to comply with applicable AML/CTF Regulations, our team can assist you with the following services, included but not limited to:

  • Drafting of policies and procedures as mandated by applicable compliance regulations. Such as: AML, CFT, Sanctions, Client Acceptance, Risk Management, Complaints, Marketing (for investment activities)
  •  Drafting of a Business Risk Assessment
  •  Drafting of a Regulatory Business Plan (for financial services firms)
  •  Assessment of existing Customer Risk Assessment framework and drafting of it if necessary
  •  Establishing a Compliance Management Plan
  •  Assistance with regulatory filings such as AML Returns, UBO submissions, ESR filings etc.
  •  Assistance with high-Level Due Diligence Reports
  •  Drafting internal Data Protection Agreements & Policies

At Elnagger & Partners, we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance excellence. If your firm is looking for assistance with any of the above controls on Compliance services or you want to discuss your firms next steps, reach out to us at


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