What we do

Corporate & Commercial

Company formation & Corporate Business Structuring
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Compliance Services

Securing your business with tailored compliance solutions.
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Banking & Finance

Financial advisory solutions to Advance your business.
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Labour & Employment

Know your rights and obligations
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Wills & Probate

Explore top-tier Inheritance & asset protection solutions
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Real Estate Disputes

Expert Solutions for complex Real Estate conflicts
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Travel Ban

Safeguarding your rights
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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Your trusted partner for Accounting & Bookkeeping Efficiency
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Corporate Tax & VAT

Save time and money with expert Tax services
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Who We are

Elnaggar & Partners is a boutique law firm that provides bespoke legal services to individuals residing in the UAE, small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as, multinational companies – especially European based companies. As a leading corporate legal firm Elnaggar & Partners assist with corporate structure, estate planning, legal drafting, law services, accounting & tax services.

We offer our clients a personalized and focused experience, built on the foundations of honesty, reliability, and attention to detail. Our experienced legal team provides a safe and family environment to our clients, something that many larger commercial firms cannot offer.

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Expertise You Can Trust

  • Over decade of legal experience
  • More than 500 cases won
  • Offices in the UAE and Egypt
  • Multilingual team
  • Turnkey legal solutions

What Our Clients Say

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