Legal Updates- Notarization of documents

06 Feb, 2020

Notary Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are operating online and via conference call.

1. Dubai

The process of remote notarization under the Dubai Notary is as follows:

  1. Prepare and submit the document to be notarized together with the supporting documents via email.
  2. The email must include certain documents and information for the Dubai Notary to accept the application of notarization.
  3. The signatory must have the Botim app (the Notary will call via Botim to verbally and visually confirm the content of the document, signature and EID details).
  4. If the draft of the document to be notarized is bilingual (English and Arabic), it must be stamped by a legal translator. In all cases the authorized signatory must consent to each page by writing that Botim was used to confirm the signature.
  5. Once the above is complete, the applicant will receive a link via the Botim app to pay the notarization fees online.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, the Dubai Notary will finalize the document and send it by courier to the applicant at the address listed in the application.

2. Abu Dhabi

Notarization services in Abu Dhabi largely follow the same process as before COVID-19. All types of powers of attorney, company partnership agreements, declarations, Signature Approvals, Sponsorships etc. can still be submitted online for Notary Public verification and approval.

The addition is that in order to have a document notarized in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Notary requires the document, supporting documents, as well as the emails and contact details of all parties who will sign and the appointment time and date of the signing process will be determined by the Notary, and will take place using WebEx video service.

Alternatively, you may visit a specialized business center (mainly Enjaz Marina Mall) where you can also complete the notarization process. You must provide your reference number and pay the Enjaz service fees of AED 40 before you attend, and then you will be connected virtually to the Abu Dhabi Notary directly at the location.

The Notary fees payable differ according to the document to be notarized.

Please note, currently the Abu Dhabi Notary is offering certain notarial services for free, such as those related to the setup of new companies.

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