Legal Updates- Electronic Signature

04 Jun, 2020

Onshore/Mainland UAE and DIFC 

Electronic signatures are generally recognized and enforceable under federal law; however, they can only be used for a limited range of corporate and financial documents. For example, negotiable instruments are excluded under onshore laws, such as cheques, banknotes, and some certificates of deposit. Electronic signatures are also allowed under the DIFC laws. Unfortunately, under UAE mainland and DIFC laws, some documents still may not be electronically signed (for example, powers of attorney, declarations of trust and long-term sale purchase leases). 


ADGM laws do not provide for electronic signature. Generally, however, English law principles are applicable and may allow for such. If a document may be electronically signed under ADGM law, the general legal and regulatory requirements are still applicable. In the ADGM, documents that are explicitly required to be provided in hard copy are not viable for electronic signatures under ADGM laws; however, these documents are minimal. 

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