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Elnaggar & Partners is a group of companies, providing wide range of legal, administrative, and corporate services and business solutions to clients worldwide.

Ahmed Elnaggar

Founder & Managing Partner, Elnaggar & Partners | UAE

Ahmed Elnaggar is the Founder of Elnaggar & Partners in UAE. Ahmed is an experienced Legal Consultant with over a decade of experience focusing on Corporate Structures, Succession Planning, and Trust Services.

His expertise extends from legal to business and management consultancy. He became for his existing clients the one to go, whenever they must make critical decisions. The UAE is where Ahmed is domiciled and practicing. However, his experience in dealing with clients worldwide has equipped Ahmed with an understanding of international commercial transactions and other jurisdictions. Ahmed’s knowledge expands from International taxation, financial centers, and Offshore Jurisdictions to understanding the legal frame of countries as KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Mauritius.

Ahmed’s most recent project was launching the UAE’s first independent legal blog, The UAE Jurist. He invites lawyers, legal consultants, and other specialists in the legal field to write articles regarding different topics related to their legal expertise and practices about the UAE’s local laws and regulations.

Specialties: Practicing in the field of Corporate Structures, Commercial Law, Merger and Acquisition, Company Formation, Offshore Companies, and Trust Services, Banking and Finance, Labour Law, Immigration, and Real Estate.

Saeed Elnaggar

Founder & Managing Partner, Elnaggar & Partners | Egypt

Saeed Elnaggar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Elnaggar & Partners Office in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Elnaggar is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1977; he gathered over five decades of substantial professional legal expertise as he started working for the Egyptian Tax Authorities years before joining the Bar.

Mr. Elnaggar is an honest, self-motived, and courteous communicator with unique legal skills and an economic understanding mentality. Mr. Elnaggar can solve complex legal and commercial issues. His long experience in the law field makes it easy for his long terms clients to always come back for guidance whenever in doubt or no doubt.

Saeed Elnaggar approach and dedication towards his profession were passed on to his descendants. This led to expanding Elnaggar & Partners in the UAE, with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Saeed Elnaggar is an inspirational ideal for anyone aspiring to a career in the legal field. Nevertheless, he embodies the drive and perseverance of a lawyer anyone wishes by their side, when seeking legal counsel.

Raluca Gătina

Partner, Elnaggar & Partners | UAE

Raluca has more than 12 years of experience in the Legal field and since 2016 she is registered with The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department and Dubai International Financial Center Wills and Probate Registry, acting as a Legal Adviser and Will Draftsmen.

Raluca has a practical problem-solving approach in her work. She sets her priorities very clearly; she is ambitious and has an innate drive to succeed. She is goal-oriented, consistent and has a strong work ethic. She always manages to implement her visions and ideas, and has a valuable input for the business performance.

Raluca always aspired to expand her knowledge and have a broader vision about the business environment. She holds as well an LLM Degree in Marketing and Business Management from West University Arad, Romania.

Raluca’s commitment to always succeed has been rewarded when she became a Partner in the Company in January 2019 being the point of contact for inquiries and requests from customers and partners for all consulting and advisory services. She is specialized in areas such as: corporate and commercial services, contracts, business set up in Mainland, Offshore and Free Zones in UAE, Labor disputes and Claims and DIFC Wills.

Daisy Cureg

Financial Controller, Elnaggar & Partners | UAE

Daisy Cureg is responsible for all the financial affairs involving Elnaggar & Partners as well as some of our clients. Since the beginning of her career, over 10 years ago, her main priority was set up to be knowledgeable about all the taxation and financial proceedings.

Daisy started her career as an Auditor, then shifted to Accounting and Taxation. She moved to Dubai in 2015 and joined the Accounts Team of one of the UAE local law firms.

She is currently the Financial Controller of Elnaggar & Partners where she handles Finance, Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Budgeting, and all other areas that involve financial analysis. Her diversified experience acquired from education, training and experience made her an Expert.

Chrys Cabahug

Compliance Officer, Elnaggar & Partners | UAE

Chrys Cabahug is a Compliance Officer and General Accountants in Elnaggar & Partners. She is naturally gifted, determined, and has a strong understanding of the UAE’s tax system.

Chrys has over 6 years of experience working as an account. She started developing her carrier back in the Philippines, and about 2 years ago, she moved to UAE, pursuing her dreams of working for well-trusted enterprises.

Being a Compliance Officer and General Accountant for Elnaggar & Partners, with extensive knowledge and expertise, she is in charge of handling the Accounting, Audit, Book Keeping, Taxation.

Her competitive spirit and principled accounting experience offer excellent support to our clients, partners, and the whole team.

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